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PORTLAND, Ore. Each and every time I go to this metropolis in the Pacific Northwest, I am impressed at the number of new dining places to verify out.

And it was no various this very last two weeks when I was in Portland paying the holiday seasons with my sister and her loved ones. In this put up I am focusing on two of […]Looking Again at My 2018 Having Adventures. When men and women look at my Instagram feed, they generally remark that I have to try to eat well. I tell them that in truth, which is just a snippet of what I consume in a 7 days. Most days I am earning a thing speedy and straightforward. But when I seemed again at my ingesting around the system […]Technology Review On the internet. January 23, 2004. On January four, Al Jazeera broadcast still an additional audio tape purported to be from Osama bin Laden, in which he exhorted his followers to ‘continue the jihad. ‘ The voice referred to the capture of Saddam Hussein, proving the tape was current. An nameless CIA formal confided to the New York Instances: ‘It is probable the voice of Osama bin Laden. ‘ In an interview with CBS, Homeland There’s simply no alternative that may beat this kind of major power top do could be to fill a special form, stating all necessary requirements and instructions with regards to the paper. Protection Secretary Tom Ridge agreed. I pronounced bin Laden lifeless in my May possibly 2002 and September 2002 columns.

Am I all set to retract this assert, and to pay out off many bets I created again then? No, not nonetheless. I consider Osama bin Laden is nevertheless lifeless. And I will not think I am just becoming stubborn.

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To comprehend my logic, contemplate the adhering to three issues: the state of the antiterrorism energy, the technological innovation of voice identification, and the most possible alternate speculation that could make clear the audio tape. Despite the interruptions of Iraq War II, the U. S. antiterrorism hard work has remained remarkably robust. The U. S. A. Patriot Act treads on our civil rights–but it also helps make it tricky for terrorists to function in our homeland. Secretive organizations can’t quickly regroup when a number of of their crucial inbound links are disrupted, no matter whether by way of wiretapping, surveillance, or arrest.

What do you do when your 1 and only call is absent? Al Qaeda might not be defeated, and it can however deliver suicide bombers from comfortable targets, but its firm will have to definitely be in a point out of disarray. Moreover, authorities I have consulted with inform me that cooperation between the United States and foreign antiterrorist businesses remains solid, even in ‘old Europe. ‘ Political disagreements about the knowledge of invading Iraq have not interfered with the shared recognition of the dangers of terrorism. That is not surprising even France and Germany know that Osama failed to like them considerably much more than he preferred the United States. All that adds up to a challenging time for al Qaeda, and it and its sympathizers desperately will need encouragement from their charismatic leader. That is, of study course, why the tapes have been created and broadcast.

But why were being they audio and not video clip? The voice sounds appropriate, but video would have been much more convincing. Online video recorders are inexpensive and small. Osama could place all doubt to relaxation by releasing a movie of him keeping up a the latest newspaper of Saddam’s seize.

Prior to Tora Bora, movies of him ended up the norm. What transpired?I can come across only two plausible explanations. One particular is that Osama bin Laden is seriously unwell or wounded, and does not want the entire world to know it. The other is that he is lifeless, and the audio tape is faked.

But how could the counterfeiter do a very good adequate occupation to fool gurus?Voice recognition is a fast building engineering, thanks to the availability of low cost computing electric power. You’ve got almost certainly observed a ‘voice print,’ a plot of frequency density vs. time tunes enhancing software package makes them on personalized pcs.

Aged voice recognition examination produced matches among sets of these types of plots. Contemporary voice identification methods, which seek to have small wrong-alarm fees even in the existence of sound, are likely to rely additional intensely on a method identified as ‘feature investigation. ‘ A element is a peculiar twist in the voice, usually a explain to-tale transition in between phonemes with unique pitches.

Sites americanos afirmam que novo álbum de Rihanna foi finalizado!

Hoje, 01 de Fevereiro de 2019, diversos sites americanos divulgaram que o nono álbum de estúdio de Rihanna já está finalizado.

Veja a tradução do artigo liberado pela Complez, um dos portais americanos mais famosos nas redes sociais:

A ausência de Rihanna após o ANTI finalmente parece ter chegado ao fim. Segundo o Us Weekly, o tão esperado 9° álbum de Rihanna está por vir. Fontes anônimas afirmaram que a cantora finalizou o sucessor do ANTI.

Que o álbum demorou muito não é uma surpresa, dado o escopo do projeto. Fontes que conversaram com a Rolling Stone disseram que centenas de músicas foram consideradas para o álbum.

“A equipe de Rihanna tem, sem mentira, 500 registros para esse projeto de diferentes produtores e escritores”, disse um produtor de dancehall à revista. “Eles estão escolhendo apenas 10 registros, eles têm escrito em acampamentos e estão mantendo silêncio por quase ano e meio. Eu tenho viajado para Miami, tenho viajado para Los Angeles, produzindo sem parar pra esse projeto”.

O assunto já tomou conta das redes sociais e os fãs delirando com a finalização do álbum, após 3 anos de seu último trabalho na música.

Segundo a TMZ, Rihanna processou o próprio pai

Hoje, 15 de Janeiro, o TMZ liberou um artigo ontem conta informações exclusivas sobre um novo processo de Rihanna contra seu pai.

“Em um novo processo – obtido pela TMZ – Rihanna afirma que seu pai, Ronald Fenty, iniciou recentemente uma empresa de desenvolvimento de talentos em 2017 chamada Fenty Entertainment. O problema … Rihanna já registrou “Fenty” para usar em vários empreendimentos, incluindo a conhecida linha Fenty Beauty. Ela alega que ele está lucrando com a reputação que ela criou com o Fenty.”- Revelou o site

Além disso, foi revelado que o pai de Rihanna ainda tentou marcar 15 shows da cantora na America Latina, sem a autorização da cantora ou sua equipe.

“Nos documentos, Rihanna diz que seu pai e um parceiro de negócios se anunciaram falsamente como seus representantes para solicitar milhões de dólares, incluindo a tentativa de reservá-la para 15 shows na América Latina em dezembro de 2017 por US $15 milhões … tudo sem sua autorização.”

Rihanna já revelou em diversas entrevistas que não tinha um bom relacionamento com seu pai na infância, mas com os passar dos anos, voltou se aproximar dele.

Segundo o ‘iHeartRadio’, Rihanna lançará um novo single em breve.

Hoje, 25, o iHeartRadio divulgou uma nota que Rihanna lançará um novo single em breve, veja:

Essa semana, Rihanna respondeu um fã falando que lançará seu próximo álbum ainda em 2019.

Vale lembrar que Work foi lançada no dia 27 de Janeiro de 2016. Um dia antes do seu lançamento o iHeartRadio, HDD e outros fizeram um alerta sobre um novo single.

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